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Breed Description





Pest exterminator (rats and mice), courtyard- and guard dog, companion dog.



Noticeable, intelligent, kind, courageous, sanguineous, athletic, attentive, devoted and affectionate.



Naturally de Austrian Pinscher is somewhat suspicious towards strangers, originating from its original purpose. But with a good socialization from a young age, he will be very affectionate and kind, also towards strangers. There even are Austrian Pinschers working as therapy dogs.

The Austrian Pinscher attaches strongly to the family he is part of. Therefore he is gladly involved in family activities instead of left outside. But on the other hand he can easily be taught to stay alone at home. When the Austrian Pinscher is raised with children, he also attaches himself strongly to them. He will protect them at all times. Therefore it must be kept in mind that innocent horseplay with friends can be interpreted by the Austrian Pinscher as a serious fight from which he will rescue his little ‘master’.

A live in an urban area is unsuitable for the Austrian Pinscher, because of his desire to bark. But with a consequent education this barking can be limited.

Sometimes the Austrian Pinscher is somewhat dominant towards other dogs. With cats and other companion animals normally there are no problems – if he is habituated from a young age.



The Austrian Pinscher needs a tight, but loving education. He needs an owner who can teach him what’s expected of him in a clear and calm way. Consequence is necessary. This makes the breed not suited for beginners. The Austrian Pinscher is independent to some extent and is equipped with a problem solving ability. He is very intelligent and eager to learn, which makes him a quick student. A pitfall of this intelligence could be that he takes disadvantage of it. It is up to the owner to notice this in time.



The ideal living environment for an Austrian Pinscher is on the countryside, where he can provide in his own exercise needs on his own terrain (courtyard or garden). When the Austrian Pinscher is living in a different environment, it is important that he is occasionally taken for a long walk. This is also good for his socialization and development. The Austrian Pincher is very athletic and does well in sports like agility, flyball, Frisbee and Treibball.

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The Austrian Pinscher doesn’t require much grooming. Occasional brushing to remove loose hairs is sufficient.